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Alison Lambert (BVSc CMRS MRCVS – Onswitch Founder) will talk about that on 4th June 2021, at 1:30 pm (CEST).

Was Covid the catalyst for change the veterinary profession needed to take the customer experience seriously?

In a word, yes!
The lockdowns, altered opening hours and social distancing measures of the last year have made it impossible for practice teams not to adapt their ways of working. But pandemic or not, optimising the customer experience should always be about offering convenience and excellence, with empathy – Covid has simply forced us to do lots of things we should have been doing anyway (but maybe chose not to). Practices can still meet all the requirements of an excellent customer experience, but they can now be delivered in a Covid-secure way through improved online functionality (appointment booking, registrations, payments and prescription ordering from the website), pre-pay for routine procedures and consults, webchats, remote consults, drop-off vet care and so on.
Let’s not go back to where we were before, now that we’ve made these big strides forward in such a short time. Keep moving forward, keep looking for opportunities to smooth out the customer journey to and through the practice, and further enhance those bonds with your clients that the last, tough year has forged.


Alison Lambert

BVSc CMRS MRCVS – Onswitch Founder

A Yorkshire farmer's daughter, Alison qualified as a vet from Liverpool University in 1989. She worked in practice for several years before pursuing a career with some petfood companies, discovering the customer experience passion that led her to establish Onswitch in 2001.

Alison is Honorary Associate Professor at Nottingham University's School of Veterinary Medicine and Science. She is published widely, regularly speaks at key international veterinary congresses and events, and was given the AVA's Veterinary Business Thought Leader award in 2019.


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